WSHA Hospital Pricing site will be discontinued after March 31, 2021.

Welcome to WSHA Hospital Pricing

This web site allows health care consumers to receive basic, facility-specific information about services and charges provided in Washington hospitals.

The information being displayed is based on the average hospital charge for a specific service. This website does not provide information about what you will pay for your health care. You need to contact your insurance company to determine the specifics about what you will be expected to pay based upon your insurance policy.

How to use the Washington Hospital Price System

STEP ONE: Select a Hospital
Select a hospital by choosing a county or city from the drop-down menu. Your selection will reveal another drop-down menu that lists all hospitals in that county or city. On the results page you will be given the opportunity to select up to three hospitals for comparison.

STEP TWO: Select Service
Using the menu below, select the type of service that you would like to view for the hospital you selected. Note, this system only includes information about inpatient services, or those that require a stay in the hospital. There is not currently a database in Washington State that covers outpatient services like those that occur in emergency rooms or a doctor's office.

STEP THREE: Receive the Results

After you select a specific type of service, the following information will be displayed:
  • The name, address and telephone number of the hospital you selected.

  • The number of discharges, the average length of stay, and information about the average and median charges for (1) the selected hospital; (2) all hospitals in the selected county; (3) all hospitals with similar patient volume as the selected hospital; and (4) all Washington hospitals. Please note that the charges listed are for hospital services only. They do not include physician charges such
    as those for a surgeon or anesthesiologist.

  • Overall information about charges and payments to the selected hospital from different types of insurers.

    A bar graph shows the distribution of hospital charges for all patients by payer type (private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid/other government programs).

    A set of pie graphs illustrate the percentage of charges paid on behalf of patients with private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid/other government coverage. Please note that this information is not specific to the selected service. It refers to all services delivered by that hospital.

  • A table detailing the health care charges for which the hospital did not receive payment because the patient qualified for free or reduced-charge care or because the patient failed to pay what was owed.
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Note: More information about the results is available by clicking on the Help help icons. Also, if you use the "Back" button on your Internet browser to return to a previous comparison, be sure to click on the "Update" or "Refresh" button to ensure the correct comparison information is displayed.

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